Intro to the LCCAH — Give builders a voice!

What is the Lawrence County Committee for Affordable Housing (LCCAH)?

A voluntary, non-profit committee independent of any political party, candidate or organization. The LCCAH may solicit or accept personal political contributions from members of the Lawrence County Builders Association. LCCAH may give directly to another political action committee and shall expend contributions to provide financial support exclusively for candidates for Pennsylvania State and local elective offices and to other political committees and organizations exclusively for the purpose of supporting candidates for Pennsylvania state and local elective offices.

In order to affect public policy and public opinion, PBA and the LCBA must raise funds to support political candidates who support the housing industry. Legislators who vote with the housing industry are often attacked by environmentalists, municipal officials and the media and they need our funds to run effective campaigns. The home building industry can be a strong voice only if you invest. Your investment helps elect lawmakers who understand and are willing to listen to the homebuilding industry’s concerns. LCCAH and PaCAH (Pennsylvania Committee for Affordable Housing) exist for these key reasons: To protect your business; your interest and your industry.

We would ask that you please consider a voluntary contribution of $20.00. Personal checks only can be accepted. No corporate or business checks. Please make checks payable to Lawrence County Committee for Affordable Housing and send to 1435 Devils Elbow Road, New Castle, PA 16101.

If every member of the LCBA would make a voluntary contribution of $20, we would be able to meet our goal of $1,000.00 for the next two -year cycle. $20 a year would cost just 39 cents a week.  Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact Amy Kunselman if you have any questions.