Advertise with us — New Castle Business Directory by the HBA

advertise with usLooking to reach consumers and businesses in the New Castle, PA and surrounding areas? Then look no further than the Lawrence County HBA’s Business Directory. This new directory is completely interactive and is designed to be very consumer friendly.
All of the ads that we offer are customizable to fit your needs, and may be offered broadly across the site or targeted to a specific target audience.

Currently advertising opportunities are only available to current members in good standing with the LCHBA. This new program is replacing the business card ads that historically have been included in our printed news letters. Read to topics below to learn more about this exciting new program:

When will the program start?

While the full details have not been decided, the new advertising program is hopefully going to be fully released in January of 2017. Members who have already paid for advertising in 2016 are the only members currently being shown on the site at this time.

Where do my ads appear?

In addition to being displayed in our newsletter, ads are currently being shown on all consumer based articles and website search results. As both the site and program participation grows, we will be able to target your ads to specifics users of the website. For example, a consumer searching the directory for a home builder will only be shown ads for mortgage companies, home builders etc. This will be of greater importance as pages are added to the site that specifically target these consumers in the hopes on reaching them through Google search results.

What types of ads are being offered?

Currently ads are available in both textual and graphic formats. These ads are shown at random, and may be different each time a user loads of page of our site. Below is an example of both our textual and graphical formats:

jrg advisors advertisement text based ad example

How do I advertise?

While the details are being worked out, we would love to hear from any member that has interest in this new program. Please be patient, and please take the time to contact us today and let us know your level of interest. If we can gauge the number of interested parties it would greatly help us develop the best possible advertising solutions for us all!